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            EEC-24 full-digital eddy current (EC) tester is designed to test metal tube, bar and wire on-line With advanced digital electronic technique and micro technique, it provides reliable,stable and sensitive testing performance with easy operation The frequency range from 64Hz to 4MHz can meet testing requirements of different metal tubes With full digital design, operator can built standard testing program, which can be transferred conveniently when changes spec of pipe welding
            • Main Feature
            • Technical Parameter
            • Application
            ● Fast speed digital/ simulate electrical balance
            ● Non-equial amplitude phase/amplitude alarm zone
            ● Internal/external clock controlling synchronization alarm external output
            ● High accuracy reason、end tail signal excision function
            ● High accuracy real-time、time delay alarm output
            ● Automatically measure the amplitude and the phase of signal
            ● Delay disappear of signal track
            ● Man-machine conversation
            ● Automatically display calendar and time
            ● Auto matic fromation test (test length、the total number of defects and each defect’s position)
            ● The dynamic decides long hits the sign control
            ● Multi language interface(English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese)
            ● Background coordinates can be selected: Polar coordinates and rectangular coordinates
            ● Single-track impedance plan display, strip-chart scan display
            ● The amplitude of exciting signal of probe can be adjusted
            ● Mass storage testing program, data, charts and other test results
            ● Size:490*426*177mm     
            ● Weight:20kg
            ● Power:AC 220V
            ● Frequencie:1
            ● Channel:1
            ● The probe excitation signal amplitude: 1-8V
            ● Detection rate: 6 m / s(350m / min)
            ● Frequency Range: 64Hz ~ 4MHz
            ● Gain ratio (Y/X): 0.1~10
            ● Adjustable Gain: 0 to 90 dB (gain control with step of 0.5 dB)
            ● Phase rotation: 0 ~ 360°, precisio is 1°
            EEC-24 has wonderful performance when test defects of metal tube, i.e. ①surface crack ②axial crack, such as un-puddle-weld, submerged joint, open crack etc. ③pucker and scar over of seamless pipe (strip or lump pucker of steel surface) ④impression, crack, nick, absciss layer and other defects.