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            Product classification
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            EEC-22S full-digital eddy current (EC) tester is designed to test on-line and off-line metal tube With advanced digital electronic technique and micro technique, it provides reliable,stable and sensitive testing performance with easy operation
            • Main Feature
            • Technical Parameter
            • Application
            ● Fast digital/analogue electronic balance
            ● Unique non-equal phase/amplitude alarming
            ● Delay disappear of signal track
            ● Menu type man-machine dialog (chinese/english)
            ● Optional Measuring function of  Crack depth and electrical conductivity
            ● Internal/external clock controlling synchronization alarm external output
            ● High accuracy reason、end tail signal excision function
            ● High accuracy real-time、time delay alarm output
            ● High precision marking, labeling control
            ● Computer digital parameter adjustment
            ● Mass storage testing program, data, charts and other test results
            ● FrequencyRange: 64Hz ~ 5MHz
            ● Adjustable Gain: 0 to 90 dB gain control in 0.5 dB steps
            ● Frequency of phase: 0 ~ 360°, exactitude is 1°
            ● Gain ratio (Y/X): 0.1~10
            ● Detection speed: ≤ 150 m / min
            ● Filter: Digital filter
            Suitable for metal tube, rod, wire and other parts of theonline testing, thickness and separation.